Online courses at St Petersburg University are reaching an international scale. Disciplines are being developed in English for those who do not speak Russian, but want to become a listener of the lectures of leading university professors and scientists.

We suggest getting to know them better.


Russia and Nuclear Arms Control

Russia is one of the two world powers with the most powerful nuclear arsenal — a weapon that plays an important role in the policy of military security. At the same time, it is a participant of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and conducts an active policy in this area.

The course material will help participants to understand the details of Russian politics, understand the reasons for its actions in the sphere of nuclear arms control, and influence on the development of regimes.

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Competitive Programming

The course is the first in the specialisation «Competitive Programming». It was developed by the winners of the world championships in programming ACM-ICPC and TopCoder Open. It is designed for anyone who wants to learn about sports programming and learn the skills necessary for competitions.

Students will consistently learn all key aspects of competitions and will be able to demonstrate their skills, competing in trial tests with other participants.

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General Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology is the science of the imperfection of the organism, its technological defects and technical errors manifested in a disease. It occupies a special place among medical disciplines, being an instrument for integrating medical knowledge, the basis of clinical thinking and a proper holistic assessment of the pathobiological nature of the disease.

The course is designed for students of medical, biological and chemistry specialties.

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Protists: Evolution and Ecology of Microbial Eukaryotes

The course is based on a review of the diversity of protista taxa, an analysis of their phylogenetic positions on the evolutionary «tree of life». Studying the structures of the most important systems of cells, listeners will become acquainted with adaptations and evolutionary achievements of free-living and parasitic protista.

For the successful mastering of the material, basic knowledge in cell biology, zoology and botany is required.

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Political Governance and Public Policy in Russia

To systematise and fit in one course all the key information about the current political situation in Russia is a difficult, but achievable task. The authors of the course set a goal to write a programme that will form an objective political knowledge about the country, and educate students for critical analysis and assessment.

The course consists of three main modules and contains both general information about institutional, procedural and value components of the political system, as well as a description of the issues, contradictions and prospects for Russia’s political development.

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Constitutional Reforms in Russia

The course describes the constitutional system of Russia in the broad context of world constitutionalism. It gives listeners an opportunity to understand the main features of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and to trace its evolutionary path from the moment of adoption in 1993.

Listeners will learn which ideas and concepts are at the heart of domestic and foreign Russian politics, and what principles determine the legal, cultural, political and economic life of Russian society.

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The Development of Mobile Health Monitoring Systems

This join course created by St Petersburg Universit and ETU includes 5 modules dedicated to different stages of the system development. Its modules represent several widely separated fields of biomedical engineering. We interconnect them by applying the knowledge from them all to a common task – the development of a prototype of an mHealth ECG system with built-in data-driven signal processing and analysis.

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