• • High-tech professional systems enabling students to acquire practical skills and regularly win Russian and international professional awards.
  • • An extensive list of international partners facilitating academic exchange and joint programmes.
  • • Platforms for professional activity: students’ educational press center, information and education portal ‘Pervaya Linia, international educational TV and radio channel ‘Most (Bridge)’, international competitions Mass Media Perspective and PolitPRpro.


  • • Russian Media Studies


  • • Media and Communication Theory
  • • Journalism in Global Context
  • • Methods of Media Research
  • • Russian Media Landscape
  • • Russian Political Landscape
  • • Academic English
  • • History of Modern Russia
  • • Mass Media and Public Sphere in Russia and Abroad
  • • Comparative Media Studies
  • • Professional Awareness of a Journalist: A Comparative Perspective
  • • Content and Editorial Management in Modern Journalism
  • • Digital Content Creation
  • • Media Lab in Online Media
  • • Environmental Journalism
  • • Gender Issues in Journalism
  • • Public Relations and Public Communication
  • • Media and Diasporas
  • • New Media and Political Mobilisation in Russia and Beyond

Key skills

  • • Planning the activities of a media company/a media company division
  • • Development of the concept, the model, and the format of a publication, a programme, or a column
  • • Journalistic skills: searching for and verification of information, creation and editing of media texts, communication with the audience
  • • Research into various aspects of the functioning of national and foreign media.


  • • Upon the completion of the programme, graduates can work as journalists in foreign mass media covering news from Russia, Russian mass media with international coverage. They can land a job as an editor, PR specialist, digital content specialist, or media researcher.