Master programmes

Type of instruction


Duration of study

two years

Benefits of the programme

  • Many years experience of teaching African languages combined with a comprehensive set of courses relevant for African studies.
  • Students have access to unique electronic resources in Russian and foreign languages as well as to a dedicated collection of the SPbU Research Library named after Maksim Gorky. The Library holds over 300 copies of fiction, science and education books in all the languages of the programme. It boasts a collection of ancient manuscripts and block books common in Eastern culture as well as rare and antiquarian books and lithographs.

Main educational courses

  • African Oral Tradition
  • African Literatures
  • African Languages and General Linguistics
  • History of Africa
  • African Religions
  • Introduction to African Studies
  • Geography and Contemporary Position of African Countries
  • African Art
  • African Languages (Compulsory and Elective): Swahili, Hausa, Amharic, Bamana

Key skills

  • Students acquire skills in working with academic and reference literature as well as its analysis
  • Expert evaluation and analysis of problems related to Africa
  • Knowledge of the ethnolinguistic situation in the region and ability to understand the multicultural environment.

Career opportunities

Graduates are well-placed to secure positions in leading academic institutions and universities worldwide, government bodies, advertising and travel agencies, international policy and economic organisations, research and analytics centres, mass media agencies and publishing houses, archives, libraries, museums and educational institutions.

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