Level of education

Master programmes

Type of instruction



two years

Benefits of the programme

  • A joint programme with the Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald (Germany).
  • The programme is taught in German.
  • Unique programmes of lectures and seminars developed by leading professors and associate professors of the Department of German Philology.
  • An opportunity to improve German language proficiency at classes taught by native speakers.
  • Germanic studies in synchrony and diachrony — a wide range of research topics and methods

Areas of specialization

  • German Language in Synchrony and Diachrony

Main educational courses

  • Fundamentals of Linguistic Pragmatics
  • Language of New Forms of Communication
  • Text Linguistics: Text and Discourse
  • Communicative Strategies and Grammatical Forms
  • Communicative Types and Models of Sentences in German
  • Word Semantics in Statics and Dynamics
  • Professional Communication Vocabulary
  • Types of Texts in Political Communication
  • Polycode Texts: Text and Image
  • Rhetoric and Modern Theory of Text
  • Narrative Text Analysis
  • Idioms in Text
  • Grammaticalisation Processes in German
  • Dialectology of German
  • Diachronic Shifts in German

Key skills

  • Ability to create, edit, summarize and systematize all types of business documentation, journalism texts, analytical reviews, etc.
  • Building predictive scenarios and development models for communicative and sociocultural situations
  • Expert evaluation of the impact of speech influence communicative strategies on public opinion
  • Oral and written simultaneous translation of German texts
  • Organization and management of research and development work.

Career opportunities

Graduates are well-placed to embark on a career as university lecturers, school teachers, philologists in research centres, highly-qualified specialists in the centres of German culture and German language training or as translators.

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