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Master programmes

Type of instruction


Duration of study

two years

Basic training courses

  • Nanostructures in Science and Life
  • Basics of measurement theory and metrology
  • Basics of economics and marketing in the field of scientific and technical activity
  • Legal protection of technical solutions in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
  • Practical basis for the development of scientific and technical products
  • Computer aided design systems

Benefits of education

  • The programme is aimed at training scientific, teaching and innovative personnel for the development of high-tech sectors of the economy, who would combine deep fundamental knowledge with a broad scientific outlook and a comprehensive understanding of the main problems in the field of nanosystems, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
  • The training includes the fundamental aspects and application of nanoscience, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in the mechanics of materials, physics, chemistry, materials science and technology
  • The curriculum of the programme provides for the acquisition of knowledge in the field of business communications, economics, legal foundations and management of the processes of developing scientific and technical products, as well as good command of business English
  • The programme provides for the solution of major interdisciplinary problems at the intersection of fields, combining different branches of knowledge, using a variety of sciences in order to achieve an understanding of the object under study; professional training of highly qualified specialists for solving multivariate tasks, taking into account the requirements of employers
  • In the course of education, the students have the opportunity to use the latest equipment located in the Science Park of SPbU (based on Resource Centers), which can allow them to master modern methods of scientific research within the chosen theme of the final qualifying work
  • The final qualifying project includes conducting independent research work under the supervision of highly qualified scientists to develop and implement the synthesis of individual chemicals and complex composite systems with subsequent multi-identification of the products obtained using a variety of modern experimental methods;  a theoretical analysis of the possibilities of chemical processes on the broad general theoretical and physical-chemical basis, an analysis of the influence of varying the conditions on the nature of reaction products, and on this basis the search for and development of new ways of carrying out the processes; qualified generalization of scientific and experimental data, independent preparation of publications in domestic and foreign journals, patenting of achievements
  • The possibility to choose an individual educational trajectory

Practice and future career

Graduates are ready for scientific research, pedagogical and scientific-organizational work; marketing, analysis and development of technologies for obtaining and production of functional, composite nanomaterials, carbon nanobiomaterials and products based on them; for effective work in research and high-tech companies in the field of nanotechnology and the medical and biological sphere.

List of key professions

  • Specialist in the development of nanostructured composite materials
  • Specialist in providing integrated control of production of nanostructured composite materials
  • Specialist in the field of material science support of the technological cycle of production of 3D nanometals, alloys, composites based on them and products made from them
  • Specialist in the organization and management of research and development work
  • Specialist in research and development
  • Specialist in the field of material science support of the technological cycle of production of 3D nanoceramics, compounds, composites based on them and products from them
  • Teacher of vocational training, professional education and additional education

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