taught in Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Type of instruction



two years

Main educational courses

  • History of Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Introduction to Interdisciplinary Methodology of Conflict Analysis
  • Theoretical and Academic Approaches in Conflict Analysis
  • Ethnic Conflict Studies: Theoretical Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Conflict Analysis and Analytical Tools of Conflict Assessment
  • Political Conflict Resolution Studies: A Theoretical Introduction
  • Conflict Studies in Social Spheres of Life
  • Techniques of Conflict Resolution and Peace-Keeping
  • Methodology of Scientific Research
  • Information Technologies in Scientific Research
  • Current Historical and Theoretical Issues in Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Research Seminar
  • Geopolitics and Geopolitical Conflicts
  • Methodology of Political Conflict Analysis
  • Conflict Analysis and Conflict Management. Case Study of Political and Ethnic Conflicts
  • Analysis of Conflict Manifestations in Politics and Ethnos, and Security Issues. Research and Practice Seminar
  • Cultural Factors of Political and Ethnic Conflicts
  • Management Consultancy
  • Ethnographic Map of the World
  • The Development of the Civil Society and Mechanisms of Social and Political Conflict Resolution in Contemporary Russia
  • Regional Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Mediation and Negotiation in Political and Ethnic Conflicts
  • Negotiation Process: Strategy and Tactics of Negotiations
  • Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution
  • Judicial and Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping. Arbitration Court and Commercial Court
  • Applied Research Methodology and Data Analysis in Conflict
  • Practice in Negotiation, Mediation and Consulting Skills
  • Combating the Spread of the Ideas of Xenophobia, Racism and Extremism on the Internet
  • Analysis and Processing of Conflict Information
  • Theory and Practice of Conflict Resolution: Case Studies, Models and Techniques, Role Playing Games
  • Political Extremism and Terrorism: History and Current Events
  • National Security and Political Conflict: A Theoretical Introduction
  • Communication in Conflict
  • Techniques of Internet and Phone Negotiations
  • Theoretical Aspects of the Analysis of Particular Conflict Situations. Practicum

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