taught in Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Type of instruction



two years

Main educational courses

  • Analysis and Criticism of Russian Art: Historiographical Review
  • Cultural Research in the Contemporary World
  • Computer Technologies in Cultural Studies
  • Images of Fate in Russian Culture
  • Multiculturalism and Multi-Confessionalism as a Fundamental Principle of Russian Culture
  • Russian and Soviet Daily Life
  • The Russian Idea and Projects of the Russian Culture
  • Russian Culture as an Object of Philosophical Reflection
  • Russian Literature and Literary Centralism of the Russian Philosophy
  • Russian Musical Culture
  • Russian Regionalism: The Dialectics of the Centre and the Provinces
  • Texts of Russian Culture. Seminar
  • Slavophile Paradigm in Russian Culture
  • Semantic Concepts of Russian Culture
  • Contemporary Cultural Research in Russia
  • Theory and Practice of Archival Research Work

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