taught in Russian


Master programmes

Type of instruction


Duration of study

two years

Main educational courses

  • Wind and Waves in Oceans and Seas
  • Geophysical Hydrodynamics
  • Hydrological Calculations and Forecasts
  • Integrated Assessment of Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Mathematical Modelling of Hydrological Processes
  • Methods of Micro-Climate Modelling
  • Theory of General Circulation of the Atmosphere
  • Theory of Random Processes and its Application in Hydrometeorology
  • Physical Oceanography of Peripheral Seas

Future career

  • Graduates of the programme work as oceanographers, meteorologists, climatologists, weather engineers, hydrologists, hydroengineers.
  • Companies where our graduates work
  • Research institutes and regional administrations of the Russian Agency on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet)
  • Research institutes of the Russian Federal Fishery Agency
  • Commercial fishing and engineering survey companies
  • Organisations of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology
  • Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and departmental research organisations on hydrology, meteorology, oceanology
  • R&D institutes and organisations that carry out work to strengthen the shores, build ports, sea channels, dams, build offshore platforms and pipelines, etc.

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