taught in English and Russian

Level of education: master programmes

Type of enrollment: part-time

Duration: 2 years

Main educational courses

  • English
  • English in Professional Communication
  • English for Business Communication
  • English as a Global Means of Communication
  • English in Academic Environment
  • Current Issues in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Methods of Teaching English for Specific Purposes
  • Theory and Practice of Controlling the Process of Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Teaching Practice
  • Theory of Translation
  • Translation of Professional Texts
  • Consecutive Interpreting as Speech Activity
  • Innovative Technologies and Resources in Translation
  • Translation Practicum
  • Literary Text in Practical Training and Translation
  • Current Issues in Modern Linguistics

Future career

The programme is aimed primarily at working professionals who will be able to apply the acquired skills in various situations of professional communication (business correspondence, negotiations, presentations, discussions), in science (annotation and reviewing, abstracting, presentations, participation in discussions). The graduates can also work as translators, interpreters and teachers of English for company employees, as well as teachers at secondary schools and higher education institutions.

Key positions
  • Translator from English
  • Teacher of English at secondary schools and higher education institutions