taught in English and Russian

Level of education: master programmes

Type of enrollment: full-time

Duration: 2 years

Main educational courses

  • Translation
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Fundamentals of Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication Studies
  • Business Rhetoric and Standards of Speech in Business Communication
  • Russian Stylistics and Standards of Speech
  • English in Business and Management
  • Introduction to Translation Theory
  • Spanish / Chinese
  • Translation of Contract Documents
  • Computer-Aided Translation Systems
  • Master’s Thesis Preparation
  • Business Letter Writing, Annotating and Reviewing
  • Intercultural Communication in Crisis Situations
  • World Economy

Future career

The graduates can work as:
  • translators and interpreters in business and management
  • educators (professional training, professional education and additional professional education)
  • records administrators
  • specialists in organisational support and records administration: organisational support of the organisation's activities