taught in English and Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Type of instruction



two years

Area of specialisation: Company Economics


  • Industrial Markets and Business Strategies on the International Arena
  • Production and Operational Management and Logistics
  • Strategic Marketing Management

Area of specialisation: Company Economics: Innovation Management


  • Engineering and Marketing of High Technology Goods and Services
  • Controlling in the Innovation Sphere
  • Financing of Innovation and Investment Projects

Main educational courses

  • Corporate Economics: Current Challenges
  • Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis
  • Modern Concepts of Management
  • Risk Management. Advanced Level
  • Methods of Business Information Analysis
  • Tax Optimisation
  • Business Process Management and Modelling
  • Behavioural Economics and Organisational Behaviour
  • Anti-Crisis Management
  • Innovation Ecosystem
  • Socio-Economic Forecasting and Project Management
  • Investment Planning and Management of Intellectual Property
  • Innovative Business
  • Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing in Information Society
  • Detecting of Corporate Financial Fraud


Key professions

  • Researchers, experts, analysts, specialists in all areas of company management
  • Business consultants
  • Teachers at higher education institutions of economic and business education
  • Heads of economic divisions of governmental bodies (from the municipal to the federal level)
  • Heads of big companies, including non-profit organisations
  • Managers of innovation projects
  • Heads of financial and economic divisions
  • Self-employed business owners

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