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Master programmes

Type of instruction


Duration of study

two years

Areas of specialisation: Archaeology of Eurasia

Scope of research

  • Archaeological source studies
  • Studies of archaeological complexes
  • History of archaeology
  • Reconstruction of ancient communities' spiritual culture and social organisation that are hidden for archaeology
  • Modern methods of archaeological research
  • Preservation of the archaeological heritage

Areas of specialisation: The Baltic World: History and Culture

Scope of research

  • The Baltic world as a phenomenon. Its historical development patterns
  • Intraregional relations and interactions
  • The driving forces and patterns of the historical process, the place of man in it
  • The patterns and trends in the Baltic world's cultural development
  • Macro- and microhistory
  • The mentality and cognitive attitudes of the society's consciousness during a particular historical period
  • The main issues in and specific features of operation of the institutes of intraregional interaction in terms of politics, economics, social life and culture
  • The main issues, trends, theories and methods of history
  • The historical context of the society's development
  • The specific features of the Baltic world in the pan-European, historical and cultural contexts
  • The specific features of the historical and modern relations and contacts of Russia with the countries of the Baltic region

Areas of specialisation: Modern and Contemporary History

Scope of research

  • Analysis of the religious transformation of the Western society
  • History of Western European countries: historiography and sources
  • History of the modern Western world
  • History of the daily life structures
  • of the Modern and Contemporary periods and America from the 16th century till present
  • The development and transformation of the modern Western world
  • Evolution of the Russian–Western relations
  • Political, economic and cultural forms of development of the Western world

Areas of specialisation: History of Russia until Early 20th Century

Scope of research

  • Debatable issues in the political history of Russia
  • Debatable issues in the social history of Russia
  • Debatable issues in the economic history of Russia
  • Relationship between the government and the society
  • Historical memory of the Russian society
  • The historical role of the intelligentsia
  • History of Russian foreign policy
  • History of state and law
  • St Petersburg University
  • History of Russian statehood
  • History of Russian historiography

Areas of specialisation: Russia in the Wars and Social Conflicts of the 20th/21st Centuries

Scope of research

  • History of the Great Patriotic War
  • History of the Civil War in Russia
  • History of the First World War
  • History of Russian political parties in the 20th/21st centuries
  • History of the Russian Revolutions
  • Russia's cultural life during wars and revolutions
  • Socio-economic aspects of the history of Russia in the 20th/21st centuries

Areas of specialisation: Theory and Methods of Cultural Studies in Historical Process

Scope of research

  • History of cinematography
  • History of costume
  • History of literature
  • History of theatre
  • Concepts of conservation and representation of cultural monuments
  • Concepts of reservation and restoration of cultural monuments
  • Structural hierarchy and mechanisms of systemised organisation of culture
  • Style in West European and Russian cultural history as a mindset challenge


The graduate can pursue a career of a research fellow, an archivist, a museum worker, a library employee, a media editor, a scientific editor at the publishing house, a specialist in historical, cultural and educational tourism, a guide, a teacher at cultural and educational centres, a teacher at secondary and secondary special educational institutions, a script writer and editor of documentary cinema and television, a creative worker at advertising and PR services, an expert analyst, an expert adviser, a content manager.

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