taught in Russian


Master programmes

Type of instruction


Duration of study

two years

Areas of specialisation

  • Classical Philology
  • Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Literature and Western European Classical Literature
  • History of Ideas in the World of Classical Antiquity


  • Old Greek and Latin
  • Italian Language from the Historical Perspective
  • German
  • History of Ancient Greek and Roman Literature
  • Historical Grammar of Ancient Greek and Latin
  • History of Ancient Greek and Roman Art
  • Ancient Greek Religion and Mythology
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy and Religion
  • Special courses in the history of different branches of classical studies and the reception of the heritage of classical antiquity in the world literature


The programme is aimed at training specialists capable of independent research, training and project development in the field of classical philology, Byzantine studies and neo-Hellenic studies, depending on the area of specialisation.


  • Teacher of classical languages at higher and secondary education institutions
  • Teacher of Latin at medical institutions of higher education
  • Literary editor
  • Translator of fiction
  • Research fellow at academic institutes and research libraries

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