taught in English and Russian


Master programmes

Type of instruction


Duration of study

two years


  • Written Legacy of Ancient China
  • Cultural and Artistic Heritage of Archaic and Ancient China
  • Typological Features of Chinese Classical Visual and Applied Arts
  • Origins and the Main Stages of the History of Chinese Civilization
  • Basic Archetypes of Chinese Culture
  • Daoist Schools and their Written Heritage
  • Buddhist Impact on Chinese Artistic Culture
  • Chinese Buddhist Tradition
  • History of Confucian and Daoist Traditions
  • Chinese Concepts and Practice of Official Artistic Activity
  • External Religions in Chinese Culture


The graduates can pursue the following careers:

  • Research in the field of the Chinese cultural heritage devoted to the nature and the specific features of the ideological and religious forms, worldview models, comprehensive ideological systems (Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism), creativity (literature, art), book culture, traditional and modern state cultural policy, the influence of traditional cultural and spiritual values ​​on the modern cultural life of the Chinese society
  • Pedagogical activity — the development and teaching of lecture courses in the history of the Chinese civilisation, history of the Chinese culture (including specialised courses in the history of the Chinese ideology, literature, art), in the history of Russian Sinology and related humanities (world history, history of religions, art history, history of literature, history of science)
  • Cultural and educational activities — planning, preparation and implementation of activities to inform the general public on the cultural heritage and modern culture of China at organisations and institutions of culture (museums, art galleries, libraries, cultural centres, public and commercial organisations and foundations)

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