taught in English and Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Type of instruction



two years


  • Italian Studies Worldwide
  • Artistic Culture of Italy
  • Cultural Geography of Italy
  • History and Methodology of Cultural Studies
  • Power Evolution in Italy
  • Philosophy of Italian Art
  • Italian Identity
  • Modern Italian Society: Its Structure, Cultural Dominants, and Development Trends
  • Italian Literature: 20th–21st Centuries
  • History and Methodology of Science
  • Italian Cinema and Italian Cinema Aesthetics
  • Italy in Global Cultural Space
  • Italian Consumer Culture as an Aesthetic Phenomenon
  • Russia and Italy: The Cross-Cultural Interaction
  • Fashion and Design in Italy as a Phenomenon of Modern Global Culture
  • Fascism and Antifascism in Italy: Ideology and Culture
  • Italian Futurism and European Avant-Garde
  • The Risorgimento as an Unfinished Project?
  • Marxism and Post-Marxism in Italy
  • Current Issues in Cultural Studies
  • Catholic Church and Italy
  • Contemporary Techniques of Cultural Texts Analysis
  • Morality and Society in Italy: History and Modernity
  • The Phenomenon of Art Exhibitions in Italy
  • Contemporary Trends in Italian Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology in Italy
  • Italy in Global Media Space
  • Semiotics and Language Theories in Italy
  • Made in Italy: Traditions and Prospects


The programme is aimed at training experts in the culture, philosophy and art of modern Italy, with fundamental knowledge of humanitarian culture and mentality of modern Italy. They are capable to apply the acquired knowledge both in consulting and supporting cultural and business projects, as well as in analysing the cultural and philosophical foundations of modern Italian culture.


  • Teacher
  • Researcher
  • Analyst
  • International networking consultant

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