taught in English and Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Type of instruction



two years

Areas of specialisation: Literary Translation


  • Journalism Translation
  • Literary Translation
  • Popular Science Translation
  • General Translation Studies: Modern Approaches
  • Theory of Literary Translation
  • Theory of Intercultural Communication / Comparative Linguoculturology
  • Comparative Stylistic Aspects of Interlingual Communication
  • Linguistics and Interpretation of Text
  • Internet Technologies in Translator's Work / Computer-Aided Translation Tools
  • Fundamentals of Literary Editing Practice / Fundamentals of Literary Criticism
  • Russian Literature in Translation
  • Translator’s Standards of Speech / Translation Evaluation and Assessment
  • Semiotics
  • Philosophy and Culture in English-Speaking Countries


The graduates can pursue a career of highly qualified linguists and translators, specialists in the field of literary translation and editing. They are capable of conducting professional and organisational activities in the translation market using modern information technologies and translation strategies in this field.

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