taught in Russian


Master programmes

Type of instruction


Duration of study

two years


  • National Security and Political Conflict: A Theoretical Introduction
  • History of Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Introduction to Interdisciplinary Methodology of Conflict Analysis
  • Theoretical and Academic Approaches in Conflict Analysis
  • Political Conflict Resolution Studies: A Theoretical Introduction
  • Methodology of Political Conflict Analysis
  • Systemic Conflicts in the Russian Society under Transformation Conditions
  • Conflicts of the Elites
  • Methods of Teaching Conflict Resolution Studies in Higher Education
  • The Development of the Civil Society and Mechanisms of Social, Political and Ethnic Conflict Resolution
  • Research and Teaching Practice
  • Conflict Studies in Social Spheres of Life
  • Methodology of Scientific Research
  • Techniques of Conflict Resolution and Peace-Keeping
  • Conflict Analysis and Analytical Tools of Conflict Assessment
  • Parties and Political Conflict
  • Current Historical and Theoretical Issues in Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Wars and Armed Conflicts: History and the Modern World
  • Conflict Analysis and Conflict Management. Case Study of Political and Ethnic Conflicts
  • Analysis of Conflict Manifestations in Politics and Ethnos, and Security Issues. Research and Practice Seminar
  • Social Policy in the System of Conflict Resolution Institutions
  • Regional Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Modern Political Ideologies
  • Cultural Factors of Political and Ethnic Conflicts
  • Conflicts in Electoral Systems
  • Revolutions and Civil Wars: A Historical and Theoretical Introduction
  • Political Components of Labour Conflicts
  • Judicial and Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping. Arbitration Court and Commercial Court
  • Theoretical Aspects of the Analysis of Particular Conflicts. Practicum
  • Theory and Practice of Conflict Resolution: Case Studies, Models and Techniques, Role Playing Games
  • International and Regional Conflict Resolution Institutions
  • Political Extremism and Terrorism: History and Current Events
  • The Commonwealth of Independent States: Institutions, Integration, Conflicts
  • Diplomacy in Resolution of International Conflicts


The programme is aimed at training specialists in the field of analysis of contradictions and conflicts in politics, alternative (negotiation and mediation) technologies for resolving contradictions and conflicts in order to maintain peaceful methods of interaction. They are capable of solving scientific, organisational, managerial, informational, analytical, expert, technological and pedagogical tasks in the fields of their professional activity in accordance with professional standards.

The graduates can work in the following areas: research, administration and management, education, technology, project development, information and analytical support.

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