taught in English and Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Mode of study



two years

Areas of specialisation: Applied Political Science


  • Global Political Forecasting
  • Information War in Political Relations
  • Methods and Methodology of Public Opinion Research
  • Methods of Political Manipulation
  • Political Process Modelling
  • Political Imageology
  • Political Career
  • Political Expertise
  • Political Behaviour of Elite Groups
  • Effectiveness of Modern Political Parties: Evaluation Methods and Results
  • Legal Instruments in  Political Process

Areas of specialisation: Theory of Global Political Process and International Relations


  • European Union States in International Relations
  • Immigration Policy in Modern Global World
  • Political Process in Great Britain
  • Political Processes in the "Greater Middle East"  Countries
  • Political Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe
  • International Terrorism and Political Extremism
  • Globalisation and Megalopolis Development
  • Regional Conflicts in Contemporary World
  • Russia and Former Soviet States of Transcaucasia
  • Russia and the Baltic Countries
  • Comparative Parliamentarism

Areas of specialisation: Political Process in Russia


  • Information Policy in Russia
  • Concepts of National Security as a Factor of Political Process Modelling in Modern Russia
  • Municipal Government in Russia
  • Social Labour Policy in Modern Russia
  • Political and Economic Elite in Russia
  • Political Consulting in Russia
  • Political Behaviour
  • Psychology of Political Manipulation: Phenomena, Mechanisms and Defence
  • Russian Diplomatic and Consular Services
  • Socio–Cultural Policy of the Russian Orthodox Church in Modern Russia
  • Political Stability Factors

Areas of specialisation: Organisation of Government Relations


  • GR and Media Space. Event Formation
  • GR Activity of Public Organisations

Areas of specialisation: Ideology and Politics in Contemporary Society

Scope of research

  • History of Political Ideologies
  • Ideological Discourses in Post-Communist Space
  • Ideology and Practices of Modern Conservatism
  • Modern Liberalism: Ideology and Politics
  • Modern Radical and Extremist Ideologies, Technologies and Practices
  • Ideology and Practices of Modern Nationalism
  • Universities and Civic and Political Education
  • Modern Communication Practices (USA–Western Europe–Post-Communist Countries)
  • Modern Strategies of Development of Information Security
  • Theories, History and Institutes of Civic Education
  • Social  Technologies of Constructing Political and Civil Identities
  • Political Anthropology of Civil and Political Communications
  • Mass Communications in Modern Political Process and Education


  • History and Methodology of Political Science
  • Methodological Issues in Theory of Public Policy and Administration
  • Modern Trends in Political Science
  • Modern Russian Politics
  • Modern Concepts of Philosophy of Science
  • Current Theories of World Politics
  • Modern Analytical Tools and Forecasting Methods of Political Processes
  • Theories and Methods of Political Changes


The graduates work for government bodies and departments, at divisions for establishing relations between firms and NGOs with state authorities, at business units for interaction with governmental authorities, at marketing and research centres for information field analysis. As experts and analysts, they cooperate with the media.

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