taught in English and Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Mode of study



two years

Areas of specialisation

  • Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication
  • Foreign Languages in Sphere of Professional Communication


  • Andragogy — Theoretical Foundations of Adult Learning
  • Professional Linguodidactics
  • Practical Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages: Types of Speech Activity, Language Material and Technologies of Educational Process Organisation
  • Cutting-Edge Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages, Including Distance Learning and Online Learning
  • Practical Course of a Second Modern European Language (B2): Spanish, German or French
  • Teaching Foreign Languages ​​in Higher Education and Corporate Language Programmes and Trainings
  • Practical Courses on Development of Training Courses and Programmes, Language Tests and Testing Materials, Educational and Methodological Products
  • Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics
  • US and British Studies Through Language
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Linguistic Audit as a Modern Technology for the Study of Language Needs


The graduates can work in the field of higher education, intercultural communication, applied linguistics, in higher, special, professional and additional education related to teaching foreign languages, as well as organisational and educational activities in the field of foreign languages:

  • Teacher of foreign languages ​​at non-linguistic universities (undergraduate and postgraduate levels)
  • Teacher of foreign languages ​​in language centres offering corporate training
  • Teacher of foreign languages ​​at corporate universities
  • Developer of teaching and methodological products on foreign languages ​​for distance and online learning, as well as for language software
  • Developer of language courses and foreign language programmes for special, professional and academic purposes

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