taught in Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Mode of study



two years

Areas of specialisation

  • Computational Methods and Technologies in Modern Natural Science


  • Modern Philosophy and Methodology of Science. Supplementary Chapters of Mathematical Analysis and  Dynamical System Analysis
  • History and Methodology of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science: Methods of  Mathematical Modelling of Dynamic Processes
  • Foreign Language
  • Operations Research Methods and Models
  • Research Project
  • Application of High-Performance Computing Systems in  Research
  • Theory and Methods of Digital Image Processing
  • UNIX Operating System
  • Statistical Methods for Data Processing
  • Discrete and Probabilistic Models
  • Computer Technologies in Fundamental Research
  • Modern Problems of Natural Science
  • Fundamentals of  Moving Continuum Modelling
  • Applied Problems of Vacuum  Nanoelectronics
  • Preparation of Documents in LateX System
  • Methods of Analysing  Stability of Numerical Schemes for Solving Nonlinear Problems
  • Fundamentals of Information Expert Systems
  • Continuous Mathematical Models
  • Research Internship
  • Monte-Carlo Methods in Theory and Practice
  • Special Laboratory and Computational Workshop
  • Security of Global Network Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Modelling Information and Expert Systems
  • Applied Aspects of Mathematical Physics
  • Optical Transmission and Processing of Signals


This educational programme is aimed at training specialists who carry out practical activities in the application of mathematical methods, computer technologies and information expert systems in various fields of applied mathematics and informatics, with a particular focus on the problems of applied information technologies for technical objects, production processes and socio-economic systems.

The professional activity of the graduates includes research, design, engineering and manufacturing, organisational and managerial, normative and methodological, consulting, socially-oriented and pedagogical work related to the use of mathematics, programming, applied information technology, information expert systems and high-performance computing.


  • Software architect 
  • Database administrator
  • Information systems specialist
  • IT project manager
  • Software development manager
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems programmer
  • Educator (professional training, professional education and additional professional education)
  • Expert in research and engineering
  • Expert in computer-integrated manufacturing

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