taught in Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Mode of study



two years


  • History of Mediation
  • Mediation as a Method of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conciliation
  • Types of Mediation
  • Mediation in Business
  • Family Mediation
  • School Mediation
  • Methods and Techniques of Mediation
  • Techniques of Classical Mediation
  • Legal Basis of Mediation
  • Mediation in Court Cases
  • Multilateral Mediation
  • Characteristics of the Civil Legislation
  • Negotiations and Negotiation Process
  • Coercive Negotiations
  • Specific Difficulties in the Mediation Negotiation Process
  • Conflict Resolution Counseling and Mediation
  • Communication in Conflict and Mediation
  • Stress Management and Burnout Prevention (in English)
  • Mediation Marketing
  • The Institution of Mediation and Professional Associations of Mediators


The graduates can work in the following areas: research, administration and management, education, technology, project development, information and analytical support.

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