taught in Russian

Level of education: Master programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years


  • The "Aristotle Revolution" of the 13th–14th Centuries
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Thought as Evaluated by Russian Religious Philosophy
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Political Philosophy in the Context of Modern Philosophy of Politics
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Hermeneutical Concepts in the Context of Hermeneutical Ideas of the 19th–20th Centuries
  • Aristotelianism in the History of European Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy of Stoics and History of the European Moral Thought. Research and Practice Seminar
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Thought and the Ontological Shift in the 20th Century Philosophy. Research Seminar
  • German Classical Philosophy and Classical Antiquity
  • Pedagogy in Higher Education
  • Platonism in the History of European Philosophy
  • Current Issues in Philosophy
  • Epicureanism in Classical Antiquity and in the Modern Period


The programme is aimed at training specialists in the field of philosophy, capable of actualising the classical strategies of the philosophical experience of classical antiquity at the theoretical and practical level in the axiological horizon of modern civilisation.

The graduates can work in education, research and development, in various areas of social science and humanities.

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