Main field of study: Sociology


The program was established by SPbU Department of Sociology in collaboration with South Korean and European universities and academic foundations and is a part of the International Sociology program.


Its mission is to build awareness of today’s social, political, economic and cultural problems and processes typical for the Western and Eastern societies in view of globalization as well as to develop skills in comparative sociological analysis of these problems and processes. All courses of the master program are taught in English by leading professors and lecturers from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea.


The students of the program have an opportunity to participate in international and Russian research projects and scientific conferences. They actively publish their research works in scientific journals in Russia and abroad.


Compulsory courses:

  • Modern Sociological Theories
  • Global Sociology
  • Comparative Sociology
  • Evolution of Social Inequality in Modern Societies
  • Civil Society in Global Perspective
  • Cross-cultural Communications with the View of Globalisation
  • Sociology of Consumption in Modern Society


Elective courses:

  • Global Networks
  • Religious Integration in Global Perspective
  • Gender Issues with the View of Globalisation
  • Globalization of Education and Science
  • Urban Social Space: Cultural and Communicative Practices
  • Effective Professional Communication
  • Scientific Research Technology and Scientific Discourse
  • Workshop on Comparative Sociology


Internship is available at:

  • Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
  • Institute of Eastern and Western Societies at the Department of Sociology, SPbU
  • Sociological Institute at the Russian Academy of Science (St. Petersburg)
  • European Commission (Brussels, Belgium), etc.


Graduates work at:

  • Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus (St. Petersburg)
  • Philip Morris Sales & Marketing (Moscow)
  • Centre for International Cooperation in Education Development (Moscow)
  • SPbU Graduate School of Management
  • Russian radio stations
  • Marketing Department of Utilex (Novosibirsk), etc.


They also continue their studies at SPbU and other Russian universities as well as at Durham University (England), University of Lancaster (England), University of Minnesota (USA).



‘The program follows the latest trends in sociology and includes a number of disciples characterizing different aspects of the globalization phenomenon.’

Julia Kubishkina, a graduate, a specialist at the General Affairs Department, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, LLC


‘The program gives an opportunity to conduct field research in South Korea. For instance, this summer I visited Seoul and collected rich empirical material.’

Anna Voinik, a student


‘Our teachers were leading professors from the Department of Sociology as well as guest lecturers from Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. During lectures and trainings I mastered the methods of sociological analysis, developed critical thinking, learned how to gather complex data from a variety of sources.’

Alesya Maslyak, a student