Main field of study: International Relations



Unique and the first of its kind in Russia, the program offers insights into current military and political issues. The course provides students with an intellectually stimulating education, analytical skills and rigour to pursue a career in national and international organizations and bureaus of political and military affairs.


Main courses:

  • General principles and methods of strategic analysis
  • Strategy and politics in XIX-ХХI
  • Analysis of military strategy of a modern state  
  • Current issues of  international regime evolution of the  arms control  
  • Current approaches to phenomenon of evolution in military


Main research areas:

  • Role of the international organizations and states in arms control  
  • Armed conflicts in modern world
  • Use of armed forces by the modern states
  • International cooperation in military sphere, defense diplomacy
  • National military strategy of various states


Further employment:

  • Rosatom
  • Centre for Strategic Research
  • Armed Forces of the RF
  • Public Service


Upon completion, students can pursue academic research and perform analytical work in informational and analytical centers, consulting agencies and research organizations, international organizations, public management and journalism.