Every year over 3,000 international students enroll in SPbU on main and additional educational programmes. They are also admitted to academic exchange programmes organised by SPbU in partnership with international universities. We maintain strong links with 413 universities in 67 countries worldwide.

International students can apply for RF government-funded places or self-finance their studies.

In 2017/2018 St Petersburg State University offers 3 Bachelor Degree Programmes in English:

•             Russian Studies

•             English Language and Literature

•             International Management


Main field of study: Political Sciences and Regional Studies

Russian Studies

Russian Studies is the only educational programme of its kind among the programmes offered by other higher education institutions in Russia. Its curriculum is focused on an in-depth study of Russian, CIS and Baltic regions against the background of the world history. The acquired competences will help students form an objective view of the place of Russia in the global cultural and historical process and give an unbiased assessment of its role in the formation of civilisational and geopolitical aspects of the world history and politics.


The programme is taught in Russian and English, thus making students become fluent in Russian as a foreign language. The graduates also acquire skills of practical and research activity in the field of history, culture and politico-social structure of Russia and its regions. They may pursue a career at various public and commercial institutions related to the Russian culture, such as museums, libraries, archives, mass media, etc.


Core courses:   

•             Area Studies Through Language

•             Peoples of Russia

•             Russian Culture and Art

•             Nature and Society in the History of Russia

•             Geography of Russia

•             History of Russia: Events and People

•             History of St Petersburg

•             History of Russian Literature

•             Mass Media Language

•             Spoken Russian


Internships at:

•             The Hermitage

•             State Museum of the History of St Petersburg

•             Russian Museum

•             Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences

•             Russian State Historical Archive

•             SPbU Research Library named after M. Gorky


Main field of study: Linguistics and Literary Studies

English Language and Literature


This programme is aimed at training international students. English here is both the language of instruction and the language of mediation. Students acquire skills of translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, intercultural communication, literary analysis, and linguistic research. They also master various methods of linguistic analysis and study methodological foundations of teaching foreign languages.


The graduates work as translators and interpreters with a knowledge of two foreign languages, bilingual tourist guides, language instructors, editors, personal assistants, employees of publishing houses, mass communication specialists, and researchers.



Core courses:

•             English Lexis, Grammar, Phonetics 

•             English Stylistics

•             Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures (English)

•             History of Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

•             History of Target Language 

•             Theoretical Issues in Grammar

•             Theoretical Issues in Phonetics

•             Area Studies

•             History and Culture of Target Language Countries

•             Translation Theory and Practice

•             Translation and Interpreting

•             History of Russian and Foreign Literature

•             Latin

•             Linguistics

•             Text Linguistics and Stylistics

•             Linguocultural Studies

•             Cultural Studies

•             Cultural Space of St Petersburg

•             Psychology

•             Sociology

•             Logic

•             History of Philosophy

•             Bible and Culture

•             Concepts of Modern Natural Science

•             Fundamentals of Management

•             Linguistic Fundamentals of Teaching Foreign Languages

•             Fundamentals of Economics

•             Legal Studies

•             Informatics and Computer Technologies in Philology


Main field of study: Economics and Management

International Management


This programme demonstrates an up-to-date approach to business education: starting from their first year, students work at their term projects onsite; from their second year, they are provided job placements, thus acquiring an opportunity of practical application of their theoretical skills. During their studies, they take part in professional competitions held by major companies, such as L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, Henkel, etc., and have study placements at the leading business schools of Europe, Asia, North and South America.


The programme has been accredited by the EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). The graduates work in Russian and international companies in the field of consulting, banking, energy, transport and consumer goods production.


Core courses:

•             Mathematics, Probability Theory and Statistics

•             History of Business

•             Management

•             International Management

•             HR Management in Global Environment

•             International Trade

•             International Finance

•             in English

•             Second Language (compulsory): German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (according to the area of specialisation)


Internships at:

•             IBM

•             VTB Bank

•             Procter & Gamble

•             Citibank

•             Gazprom

•             Severstal

•             L’Oreal

•             Pricewaterhouse Coopers


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