Taught in Russian             

Level of study

Bachelor’s degree

Mode of study


Duration of study

4 years

Fields of study

  • Arab Philology
  • Burmese Philology
  • Hebrew Studies (Hebrew, Arab, and Aramaic languages)
  • Egyptology (Languages, History and Culture of Ancient Egypt)
  • Indo-Aryan Philology (Hindi and Sanskrit languages)
  • Iranian Philology
  • History of the Caucasus (Armenia) (Armenian, Persian and Georgian languages)
  • History of China (Chinese and Japanese languages)
  • History of Thailand (Thai and Chinese languages)
  • History of Japan (Japanese and Chinese languages)
  • Korean Philology
  • Turkic Philology
  • Languages and Cultures of West Africa (Hausa)
  • Vietnamese-Chinese Philology


  • Contemporary and Ancient Languages of the Region
  • History, Literature, Culture, Geography and Religion of the Region
  • Ethnopsychology, Ethnography, Anthropology
  • Western Languages

Internship and Careers

Students can get internship in the countries the language of which they study (China, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Iran, Korea, Japan, and others), in the Europe’s leading centres of Oriental Studies (Free University of Berlin, University of Hamburg, University of Helsinki), State Hermitage, and Institute of the Oriental Manuscripts of the RAS.  

Career options include public administration, advertising, tourism, foreign services, foreign trade companies, Вresearch centres, analytics, mass media, publishing houses, archives, libraries, museums, and others.