taught in Russian

Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Areas of specialisation:

  • Chinese Culture (with study of the Chinese language)
  • German Culture (with study of the German language)

Main educational courses

Area of specialisation: Chinese Culture (with study of the Chinese language)

  • Chinese
  • Historical and Cultural Environment of the Chinese Ethnic Community
  • History and Culture of Ancient China
  • History and Culture of China in the 3rd–19th Centuries
  • Artistic Heritage of China from the 3rd to the 19th Centuries
  • Chinese Ancient and Classical Artistic Literature
  • Ancient Chinese Worldview Concepts and Philosophical Schools
  • Introduction to Confucianism
  • Introduction to History of Daoism
  • Introduction to Chinese Buddhism
  • Chinese Popular Beliefs and Religious Life in Contemporary China
  • Modern Chinese Art
  • Written Legacy of Ancient China
  • Lexical and Terminological Means of Modern Chinese Social and Political Texts   
  • Forms and Means of Modern Chinese Verbal Communication
  • Behavioral Patterns of Modern Chinese People
  • Fundamentals of Business Communication in China

Area of specialisation: German Culture (with study of the German language)

  • German (terms 1-7)
  • History of the Germanic Peoples in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
  • Modern History of Germany
  • Geography of Germany
  • German Culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance 
  • Modern History of Germany
  • Fundamental Issues in Philosophy 
  • German and Austrian Art of the 19th–20th Centuries 
  • Linguistic Texts of W. von Humboldt
  • German Enlightenment
  • German Romanticism 
  • Sociological and Culturological Research of Religion in German Thought 
  • History of German Literature
  • J. G. Fichte's Philosophy of History and Philosophy of Nation
  • German Sociology
  • Modern Cultural Studies in Germany 
  • Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit" and the Philosophy of Consciousness
  • Art in German Philosophy of the 19th–20th Centuries
  • History of German Mysticism
  • German and Austrian Tradition of Logical Studies
  • Person and Morality in the German Philosophy of the 20th Century: From Nietzsche to Sloterdijk
  • German Law and Legal Culture
  • German Theatre: History and Modernity
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
  • The Theme of Faust in Philosophy and Culture
  • Academic Translation
  • History of European Music
  • German Economy
  • Political Structures of Germany
  • German Cinema

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