taught in Russian

Level of education

Specialist degree programmes

Type of enrollment



Five years


Areas of specialisation

  • Occupational Psychology and Organisational Employment Psychology
  • Social and Political Employment Psychology

Main educational courses

  • Fundamentals of Developing and Conducting Trainings
  • Fundamentals of Ergonomics and Engineering Psychology
  • Political Psychology
  • Psychological Assistance in Emergency
  • Psychological Analysis and Work Improvement
  • Psychological Support of Professional Activity
  • Psychology of Government and Political Activity
  • Psychology of Communication for Organisations
  • Psychology of Personnel Motivation and Stimulation
  • Psychology of Personnel Assessment and Certification
  • Psychology of Decision Making. Decision Making Training
  • Psychology of Socio–Political Influence
  • Psychology of Human Resources Management
  • Team-Building Training
  • Conflict Management in Organisations. Conflict Resolution Training
  • Economic Psychology

The programme is aimed at training competent and competitive professionals capable to effectively solve complex problems of psychological support for management, counselling, performance of employees and units in various associations and organisations, state and political structures, and in public relations.

Key positions

  • Psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Social welfare psychologist
  • Educator (professional education)
  • HR specialist
  • Recruitment specialist
  • HR manager
  • Specialist in personnel evaluation and certification
  • Specialist in personnel development and training
  • career development specialist
  • Specialist in rate setting and remuneration of labour
  • Specialist in labour organisation and remuneration
  • Specialist in social programmes
  • Specialist for work with employee representative bodies
  • Specialist in corporate social policy
  • Recruitment analyst
  • Recruitment manager
  • Recruiter
  • Coaching specialist
  • Recruitment adviser

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