Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian


Main academic courses

  • Legal Regulation of Journalism
  • Current Issues in Science and Journalism
  • Approaches and Research Methods in Media Studies
  • Computer-Aided Technology in Journalism and Research
  • Journalism Teaching Techniques at University Level
  • Key Issues in Journalism History
  • Modern Mass Communication Theories
  • Axiology of Journalism
  • Communication Management
  • Digital Culture: Technology and Safety
Educational trajectory courses
  • Business Communications
  • Management of Business Media
  • State and Government Communications
  • Business Journalism in E-Media
  • Screen Dramaturgy and Screenwriting of Audiovisual Works
  • Stylistics of Leisure Media
  • Hobby Journalism
  • Web Design and Internet Media Design
  • Photojournalism
  • Popularisation of Science in Print Media
  • Popularisation of Science in Audiovisual Mass Media
  • Political Communication in Modern Russia
  • Psychology of Political Journalism
  • Fundamentals of Contemporary Travel Journalism
  • Modern Area Studies
  • Modern Culture and Tourism: Fundamentals of Interaction
  • Western European and American Business Journalism
  • Laughter Culture in Leisure Journalism
  • Restaurant Criticism
  • Graphic Design of Periodical Publications and Picture Editing
  • Mediatisation of Science
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Ethno-social Issues of Political Communication
  • Media Forms of Political Radicalism
  • Journalist’s Work in the Coverage of Emergency Situations
  • Dramaturgy of Audiovisual Works


Russian and foreign media (print media, TV and radio broadcasting, news agencies, online media) and related information and communication areas (publishing, press services, advertising agencies and public relations agencies), as well as scientific research and educational activities related to international journalism.

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