Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian


Courses and special courses

  • American Identity in Text
  • English
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Translation
  • British Studies Through Language
  • Gender Variability of English
  • Cognitive Foundations of Linguoculturology
  • Modern Issues in Linguoculturology
  • Social and Local Variability of English
  • Text and Culture
  • Philosophy and Culture in English-Speaking Countries
  • Social Dialogue in the US and Value-Based Models of Consciousness
  • Language As a Tool of Culture Reproduction: Polysemy, Metaphor and Metonymy

Special courses

  • English in Consumer Economics: Translation Aspects
  • Translation of Text as Dialogue of Cultures
  • Main Development Trends in Linguistic, Psycholinguistic and Cultural Studies
  • Social-Linguistic Language Theories and Linguoculturology: Stages of Development
  • Pragmalinguistics
  • British Historical Toponymy
  • English Generative Syntax
  • Intertextuality in British Linguistic Culture
  • English Historical Syntax
  • Historical Word Formation and Inflexion
  • History of English Dialects
  • New Trends in Anthropo-Oriented Studies of Speech
  • Word Meaning — Archetype — Text (Word in Poetry)

Our advantages

  • The continuity of traditions of linguistic research and linguistic and cultural schools in Russia;
  • Unique exclusive courses of lectures delivered by St Petersburg University professors;
  • A vast range of problems and research methods in the field of English and English-speaking cultures in synchrony and diachrony;
  • Formation of graduates' deep knowledge not only of various practical aspects of the English language, but also the cultural differences between the target language countries. This is constantly contributing to successful communication and career growth in any professional field which implies intercultural interaction: in business, politics, education, science, tourism, translation and teaching.


The programme is aimed at training linguists capable of professional practical, scientific, methodical, research, organisational and managerial activities in the field of English studies, linguistics, geopolitics, history and culture of Great Britain and the USA. The graduates can pursue a career of researchers and teachers. They can also work as highly qualified translators.

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