Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: English, Russian



  • Strategic Communications in International Relations, Politics and Business
  • Methodological Fundamentals of Media Discourse
  • Media Text as a Product in the Global Information Market
  • Linguistic Diversity of English Advertising
  • Cultural and Genre Characteristics of English Media Discourse: A Comparative Analysis of Online and Print Media
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Translation
  • Simultaneous Interpreting in Media Communications

Our advantages

The programme is aimed at training a professional who: successfully combines the skills of a linguist-translator and an international journalist; is agenda-oriented in the news streams; is able to quickly adopt the latest linguistic technologies used in electronic systems for various purposes; and can generate modern media texts of different types in foreign languages with respect to the cultural aspects of the events covered, and the requirements of diplomatic protocol and business etiquette.

Practical training and prospective employers

Practical training locations

  • Analytical Centre "Vector", Ltd

List of key positions

  • Translator
  • Information resource specialist
  • Mass media reporter
  • Mass Media editor


The programme has been developed in accordance with the professional standards and employers' opinion on the correlation between graduates' competences and labour functions in the area of expertise.


  • Specialist in information resources, promotion and distribution of mass media products
  • Media correspondent
  • TV presenter
  • Media editor
  • Media director
  • Educator (professional training, professional education and additional professional education)
  • Translator and interpreter in the area of expertise

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