taught in Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Mode of study



two years


  • Biotechnology in Agriculture
  • Biochemistry of Humus Formation
  • Marsh and Aquatic Soils
  • Mathematical Models in Soil Science and Agrochemistry
  • Methodological Principles of Modern Soil Science
  • Soil Ecological Monitoring
  • Soil and Land Resources of Russia
  • Theory of Soil Forming Process
  • Transformation of Toxic Compounds in Soils
  • Soil and Land Value
  • Digital Representation of Soils and Topsoil
  • Ecological Physics of Soils
  • Ecological Functions of Soil Organic Matter
  • Ecological and Agroecological Potential of Soils


The graduates can work as soil scientists, soil ecologists, soil assessment experts, specialists in the field of land cadastre, soil meliorators.

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