Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: English, Russian



  • Andragogy — Theoretical Foundations of Adult Learning
  • Professional Linguodidactics
  • Practical Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages: Types of Speech Activity, Language Material and Technologies of Educational Process Organisation
  • Cutting-Edge Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages, Including Distance Learning and Online Learning
  • Practical Course of a Second Modern European Language (B2): Spanish, German or French
  • Teaching Foreign Languages ​​in Higher Education and Corporate Language Programmes and Trainings
  • Practical Courses on Development of Training Courses and Programmes, Language Tests and Testing Materials, Educational and Methodological Products
  • Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics
  • US and British Studies Through Language
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Linguistic Audit as a Modern Technology for the Study of Language Needs

Our advantages

  • The programme provides the professional training of teachers of a professionally-oriented foreign language in higher education institutions;
  • The programme is aimed at the professional training of highly qualified university teachers. It is the focus on the ultimate educational goal that ensures high-quality training of specialists for higher education institutions;
  • The trainees are offered the opportunity to take online courses on open platforms Open.edu, FutureLearn, and Coursera. These can be credited as an alternative to face-to-face courses of related specificity;
  • The programme contains five exclusive courses, which comprise three compulsory courses and two elective courses;
  • The programme is focused on the formation of practical skills and abilities that allow the graduates to perform their professional competencies from the very first days of work;
  • The programme language of teaching is English for 80% of academic disciplines, only 20% of elective subjects use Russian;
  • The master's degree diploma of St Petersburg University in the programme will ensure the specialists' competitiveness in the Russian labour market of higher education.

Practical training and career opportunities (полностью заменить абзац Career)

Within the training, the students undergo the pedagogical practice of teaching their foreign language for special purposes. Besides, the practical training may be credited in: the format of academic curriculum or programme development in a professionally-oriented foreign language; the development of language tests and evaluation and assessment tools; as well as the development of educational and methodical manuals of applied nature.


The graduates can work in the field of higher education, intercultural communication, applied linguistics, in higher, special, professional and additional education related to teaching foreign languages, as well as organisational and educational activities in the field of foreign languages:

  • Teacher of foreign languages ​​at non-linguistic universities (undergraduate and postgraduate levels)
  • Teacher of foreign languages ​​in language centres offering corporate training
  • Teacher of foreign languages ​​at corporate universities
  • Developer of teaching and methodological products on foreign languages ​​for distance and online learning, as well as for language software
  • Developer of language courses and foreign language programmes for special, professional and academic purposes

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