taught in Russian

Level of education

Master programmes

Mode of study



two years

Areas of specialisation

  • Database Technologies


  • Java Programming of Internet Applications
  • Database Management System Administration
  • Algorithmic Fundamentals of Image Recognition
  • Information Retrieval in Unstructured Data
  • Object-Oriented CASE-Technologies
  • Database Design
  • Modern Database Management Systems
  • Specialised Database Technologies for Web-Metrics Research


The graduates can work in such areas as information retrieval, development and administration of distributed databases and workflow systems for large organisations, creation of image recognition systems (for example, in tracking and monitoring systems), development of new methods and algorithms of information retrieval, web-metrics, image and speech recognition.


  • Programmer
  • Software architect
  • Database administrator
  • Software development manager
  • Systems analyst
  • R&D engineer

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