Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian

Main academic courses

  • Methods for Evaluating Hydrocarbon Resources and Reserves
  • Geology and Resources of Oil and Gas
  • Modelling of Oil and Gas Bearing Systems and Natural Oil and Gas Reservoirs
  • Methods of Forecasting, Search and Exploration of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources
  • Management and Economics of Oil and Gas Industry
  • Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas Deposits

Our advantages

  • This master’s programme is aimed at training specialists in economically feasible development of unconventional deposits. This complies fully with the energy strategy of Russia.
  • This programme is unique because it integrates theoretical and practical knowledge and skills both in geology and in development of unconventional deposits; whereas other similar programmes usually focus on one of these areas.
  • The interdisciplinary approach enables our students to receive an individual educational plan, covering specific areas in the chosen course.
  • Our experienced academic staff includes teachers from all institutes and departments of the University. Our students do their scientific research in close cooperation with the foremost specialists from the University and the organisations of the oil and gas industry. Students can take advantage of all the equipment of the research infrastructure consisting of 26 resource centres.
  • We offer close cooperation with universities and companies in Russia and abroad. This will enable our graduates in the future to hold key positions in oil and gas companies and state government bodies. All members of our experienced academic staff hold a PhD and various Government awards.

We offer

  • opportunity to choose subjects to form a special educational plan for better training in a particular area of the studied programme
  • scientific collaboration with the leading universities and companies in the oil industry
  • opportunity to conduct unique types of research using the cutting-edge equipment of the research infrastructure of the University
  • opportunity to take a number of courses with the leading specialists of the oil industry from Russia and abroad and to have practical training in universities in Europe, Canada and the USA
  • participation in research for practice conferences and Russian and international student competitions
  • interaction with potential employers – major Russian and foreign oil companies, research institutes, and the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Our graduates are capable to work in oil and gas production including remote and difficult deposits. They can produce workable solutions to problems related to evaluating and development of unconventional oil and gas deposits.

Practical Training and Career Opportunities


Our graduates are trained for

  • research, development and production, for instance in companies involved in oil and gas prospecting and mining and development projecting
  • management: in state and local authorities in the fuel and energy industry; in geological agencies and departments; in vertically integrated oil and gas companies; and in small to medium businesses doing their own search and prospecting
  • scientific research: in research oil and gas institutes and centres, and in research, development and production geological companies
  • academic work in establishments of higher and secondary education training specialists for the oil and gas industry.

Key professions

  • field geology specialist
  • specialist in calculating and managing hydrocarbon deposits
  • research and development specialist
  • member of academic staff in vocational education and supplementary professional education establishments.

Organisations where our graduates work

  • Rosneft Oil Company, PJSC
  • Lukoil, PJSC
  • Gazpromneft, LLC
  • Surgutneftegas, PJSC
  • Rosgeo, JSC
  • All-Russia Petroleum Research Exploration Institute, JSC
  • State Reserves Commission
  • All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute "VNIIOkeangeologia"
  • A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI)
  • Gazpromneft Science and Technology Center, LLC.

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