Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian


Main academic courses

  • Media Transformation of Contemporary Art
  • Media Philosophy: Basic Concepts and Ideas
  • The Theories of Mass Media
  • Photography as a Type of Media
  • Extreme Body Practices in the Era of New Media

Our advantages

  • The programme is aimed at teaching the analysis of various concepts and approaches to the practices of the media environment. It is based on the research of media culture specialists, who have enlisted the current issues of: cultural transformation; education; working conditions; and the sphere of communication;

The modern reality is a product of digital technologies. The high speed of data transmission, the overwhelmed event field, emotional and cognitive overload create a situation of information collapse. This blurs the boundaries between the past and the future, fictional and genuine, virtual and actual. The new reality calls for new cultural practices, new forms of community, a new type of consciousness, so the mind is increasingly taking the form of the digital one. This programme intends to acquaint students with effective strategies of media reflection generally offered by both domestic and foreign researchers of media culture and media reality. The methodological basis of media culture is media philosophy. This in turn is the philosophy of the era of new media and the digital revolution, which is fully aimed at developing a new paradigm of humanitarian knowledge and reflection of the current cultural situation.


The programme is designed to teach students to:

  • apply the knowledge of media culture to solve applied issues of the functioning of media institutions in modern society;
  • apply the knowledge of modern media structures in practice;
  • take part in social and Internet communications in Russia, as well as in the activities of art institutions


  • Art Curatorship
  • Museum, Exhibition and Gallery Activities
  • Opinion Journalism
  • Media Journalism
  • Publishing

Organisations where our graduates work

  • The State Hermitage
  • The Russian Museum
  • St Petersburg University
  • Institute for Standardisation of Museum Activities
  • St Isaac’s Cathedral

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