St Petersburg University is among the leading expert evaluation centres in Russia. It prepares evaluation reports for the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of the Russian Federation, Federal ministers and offices, municipal bodies, public and private corporations.

SPbU is the first university in Russia to publish brief reports on its expert evaluations. SPbU is committed to the policy of transparency and excellence that ensures SPbU is a leading expert evaluation centre in Russia.

Law Enforcement Monitoring

In 2011, St Petersburg University started to implement a project on monitoring law enforcement. The project focuses on management and supervision of law enforcement to reveal the cases of selective enforcement, controversies, gaps and inconsistencies in the law. The results are regularly reported to the public authorities. All the consolidated reports are forwarded to the Ministry of Law of the Russian Federation.

The National Norm and Rules of the Russian Language

At St Petersburg University, the experts in a wide range of fields (law, philology, psychology, history, philosophy, ethnology, IT and others) are concerned with a complex integrated research on how the Russian language is used in various fields: law, medicine, advertising, and education to name but a few. Its mission is to study how the usage of the Russian language as a national language of the Russian Federation conforms to the national norms of the Russian language.

SPbU Centre for Expert Evaluation prepares expert evaluation reports for individuals and companies.

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Language Testing Centre

Founded in August 22, 1997, the Language Testing Centre aims to measure the proficiency in the Russian language of foreign citizens (Test of Russian as a foreign Language)

St Petersburg University is the leading language testing centre for foreign citizens in Russia. SPbU is an educational institution that are granted the right to hold the test of Russian as a foreign language and an integration exam in Russian as a foreign language, Russian history and fundamentals of legislation of the Russian Federation. SPbU also offers Cambridge English exams.

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If you have any complaint about testing procedure violation, evidences of malversation by the person involved in the procedure of testing, or any other claims, please send an e-mail to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.