Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction: English and  Russian

Main educational courses

  • Fina Art Techniques
  • Art of Ancient Greece
  • Art of Ancient Rome
  • Byzantine Art
  • Old  Russian Art
  • Russian Wooden Architecture
  • Western European Medieval Art
  • Monuments of St Petersburg Suburbs
  • Description and Analysis of Works of Art
  • History of Applied Art
  •  Art of Armenia and Georgia
  • Fundamentals of Christian Iconography
  • Renaissance Art


Key positions

  • Auction house expert
  • Manager in art communication 
  • Analyst and expert in gallery work
  • Research scientist
  • Archive worker
  • Museum worker
  • Librarian
  • Creative professional
  • Mass media professionals, including editorial offices and publishing houses
  • Specialist in historical, cultural and experiential tourism
  • Guide
  • Educator (children and youth leisure centres)
  • Educator (cultural and educational centres)
  • Educator (secondary schools and professional vocational  education)

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