Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction: English and Russian


  • Ideological History of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Introduction to Assyriology
  • Sumerian
  • Ancient Greek
  • Fundamentals of Egyptian Writing
  • History of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Ethnography and Culture of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • German
  • Arabic
  • History of Asian and African Countries (Ancient World, Far East)
  • Major Issues in the History of Western Civilisation (Modern and Contemporary Periods)
  • Akkadian
  • Geography of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Social, Political and Economic Systems in Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Major Issues in the History of Western Civilisation (Ancient and Medieval Periods)
  • Classical Hebrew and the Biblical Texts
  • History of Ancient Mesopotamia: Historiography and Sources
  • Fundamentals of Egyptian
  • History of Asian and African Countries
  • Sumerian and Akkadian Literature
  • Written and Decorative Artefacts of the Ancient Near East Represented in the State Hermitage Collection

Our advantages

  • Our experienced academic staff with many years of work in science and education in the field of languages, literature, socio-economic and political history, archaeology, culture and religion of Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia, Assyria) and the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean (Ugarit, Phoenicia, the kingdoms of Israel and Judaea)
  • We use individually developed teaching aids and methods. Application of digital technologies to work with old texts and graphic artefacts of the Ancient Near East. We also use professional Internet resources devoted to Assyriology (for example, CDLI — Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative)
  • Solid language training (Akkadian, Classical Sumerian, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Aramaic)
  • Development of language competences stimulated by a bilingual learning environment (the programme is taught in Russian and English)
  • Additional European language (German) for junior students.
  • Internships and placements at leading scientific institutions of St Petersburg (Institute of Oriental Manuscripts), in archaeological expeditions, reporting at All-Russian and international conferences and seminars devoted to the Ancient World and the Ancient Near East
  • Networking with potential employers during regular career days, workshops and trainings organised by companies
  • Graduate and postgraduate education opportunities at universities in Europe and America, with archaeological practice in expeditions to the states of the Orient


Organisations where our graduates work

  • Russian National Library
  • Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Oriental Manuscripts Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
  • State Hermitage Museum
  • State Museum of the History of Religion

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