Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction: English, Russian


  • Social, Political and Economic Systems of Arab Countries
  • Islamic Maghreb in the Middle Ages and Modern Era
  • Turkish
  • Introduction to Main Field of Study
  • History of Asian and African Countries (Ancient World, Far East)
  • South Arabia as a Historical and Cultural Area
  • Persian
  • History of Asian and African Countries (Ancient World, Middle East)
  • Major Issues in the History of Western Civilisation (Modern and Contemporary Periods)
  • Ethnography and Culture of Arab Countries
  • Contemporary Islam
  • The Middle East in the Period of the Crusades
  • Major Issues in the History of Western Civilisation (Ancient and Medieval Periods)
  • Geography of Arab Countries
  • History of Oriental Ideological Thought
  • History of Asian and African Countries
  • Introduction to Islamic Studies
  • German
  • Arabic Sources on Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Hebrew
  • History of Journalism in Arab Countries
  • History of Arab Countries
  • Trends in Modern Economic Development of Arab Countries
  • Arabic
  • History of Arabic Literature
  • Islam in Sudan
  • French
  • History of Arab Countries: Historiography and Sources
  • Political Development of Maghreb in the 20th Century

Our advantages

  • Experienced academic staff, including native speakers
  • Development of language competences in Arabic and one (or more) European languages
  • Student exchange opportunities at partner universities for one semester
  • Practical training and internships at the leading research institutions of St Petersburg, such as the Oriental Manuscripts Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Museum of the History of Religion
  • Networking with potential employers during regular career days, workshops and trainings organised by companies and academic institutions

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