Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction: Russian

Main academic courses

  • Modern language of the region (Hebrew)
  • Yiddish
  • Introduction to Judaism
  • Introduction to Textual Criticism of the Pentateuch
  • History of Hebrew Literature
  • History of Ancient Israel and Judah
  • Introduction to Textual Criticism of the Prophets
  • Introduction to Pseudepigrapha
  • Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the Tanakh
  • Judaism and Hellenistic Period
  • Hebrew (basic course)
  • Medieval Jewish Art
  • Jewish History in the Middle Ages
  • Textual Criticism of the Bible
  • Current Issues in Early Rabbinic Judaism
  • Introduction to the Literature and Worldview of the Mishnah and the Talmud
  • Holocaust in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
  • Introduction to the Hellenistic Period and Judaism
  • Heresy in Judaism
  • Historiography of the History of the Jewish People
  • Modern Literary and Artistic Text in Hebrew
  • History of Yiddish Literature
  • Textual Criticism of Medieval Rabbinic Literature
  • History of Jews in Russia
  • Scientific and Literary Texts in Hebrew
  • Introduction to Jewish Mysticism
  • Rabbinic Literature
  • Introduction to Medieval Jewish Philosophy
  • Jewish Philosophy of the Modern Era
  • Cultural Traditions of Israel
  • Scientific Literature on Jewish Studies in Hebrew
  • Modern Hebrew

Our advantages

  • The programme is aimed at training specialists familiar with modern cultural processes. It provides in-depth knowledge about culture, art, history and the features of religious and philosophical views of the Jewish people in different periods of life both in the historical homeland and in the diaspora.
  • Along with the study of wide range of general cultural disciplines, students have the opportunity to learn Hebrew, which is the language of the region (Israel).
  • The programme is implemented in close cooperation with specialists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
  • The mission of the educational programme is to train specialists with in-depth knowledge in the field of theory and history of culture, Jewish culture, history and worldview in Israel and the Jewish diaspora. Such specialists are familiar with modern cultural processes and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in professional activities. Their practical skills help to establish cross-cultural interaction between representatives of Jewish and Russian cultures, and other cultures of the world in the diaspora.
  • Graduates who have mastered the programme acquire fundamental knowledge in this field. They possess basic methodological techniques, the culture of argumentation, and are able to carry out scientific research.


  • Education and Science
  • Culture and Art
  • Media, Publishing and Printing
Professional activities
  • Research
  • Information and Analysis
  • Organization and Management
  • Project Activity
  • Cultural and Educational Activity
  • Production and Technology
  • Pedagogy
Organisations where our graduates work
  • St Petersburg University
  • Institute of Oriental Manuscripts
  • Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Russian State University for the Humanities
  • Consulate General of Israel
  • Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Israeli Cultural Centre; Administrative, Military and Commercial structures

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