taught in Russian and English

Level of education: Bachelor programme

Mode of study: Full-time

Duration of study: 4 years


  • Religions and Ideology in Korea
  • History of Asian and African Countries (Ancient World, Middle East)
  • Problems of Korean Reunification
  • Foreign Policy of Korea in the Second Half of the 20th Century
  • Ethnography and Culture of Korea
  • Social, Political and Economic System of Korea
  • History of Korea: Historiography and Sources
  • Geography of Korea
  • History of Korea
  • Problems of Social Structure in Korea
  • Topical Issues in Modern Development of Korea
  • Major Issues in the Early 20th Century Korean History
  • History of Asian and African Countries

Our advantages

  • Experienced academic staff
  • Development of language competences stimulated by a bilingual learning environment (the programme is taught in Russian and English)
  • Practical training and internships at the leading research institutions of St Petersburg, such as the Oriental Manuscripts Institute and the Museum of the History of Religion
  • Networking with potential employers during regular career days, workshops and trainings organised by companies