October 26–27, 2018

St Petersburg, 7–9 Universitetskaya emb.

The VIII International Scientific Conference «Eurasian Arc of Instability and Regional Safety from East Asia to North Africa: Preliminary Results of 2018» will be held in St Petersburg University.

A new interactive version of the map of the Eurasian arc of instability will be presented at the conference — a unique analytical project which has been developed by specialists of St Petersburg University since 2012.

The organisers of the event are St Petersburg University and the Government of St Petersburg. The project on the research of the Eurasian arc of instability and regional safety from East Asia to North Africa has been developed at St Petersburg University since 2012. The initiative of this research project and the annual international conference is the Ho Chi Minh Institute of St Petersburg University. Since 2012 leading researchers and representatives of the expert community have gathered annually to discuss the features of the current geopolitical threats to the stable development of our country and the key regions of Eurasia.