October 28, 2018

Time: 13:30–17:30

St Petersburg, 7–9 Universitetskaya emb.

Applicants and their parents will be able to learn about: the history of the first higher educational institution in Russia; the current admission rules and specialities of admission; educational programmes for secondary and general education, bachelor’s degree, speciality and master’s degree programmes; and ask interesting questions and communicate directly with representatives of the University.

13:30–17:00 Main Corridor: exhibition sessions of educational programmes

Hall on the first floor: excursions dedicated to the history of St Petersburg University and the work of Dmitry Mendeleev

14:10 Conference Hall: career-oriented master class

14:00 Petrovsky Hall: presentations of master’s degree programme

15:00 Conference Hall: presentation of Senior Vice-Rector for Education Ekaterina G. Babelyuk

15:20 Conference Hall: presentation by Deputy Senior Vice-Rector for Education Aleksandr Babich

16:30 Petrovsky Hall: meeting with first-year students of the University: «St Petersburg University through the eyes of a student»