15 to 17 November 2018

St Petersburg

In 2018, 10 museum routes dedicated to Italy and Ivan Turgenev in St Petersburg will be organised for the participants and guests of the International Cultural Forum.

  1. Works of the architect Domenico Andrea Trezzini in St Petersburg (a two-hour bus tour)
  2. Italian architect Domenico Trezzini, the creator of the Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg (a walking tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress; duration: 1 hour 15 minutes)
  3. Architect Carlo di Giovanni Rossi, the author of classical ensembles of St Petersburg (a two-hour bus tour)
  4. «Oh, why, dear Rossi, is your street so short? ...» (a walking tour of Ostrovsky Square, Architect Rossi Street and Lomonosov Square; duration: 1 hour 15 minutes)
  5. The Italian architects of St Petersburg: Antonio Rinaldi, Carlo Rossi, Giacomo Quarenghi, Bartolomeo Rastrelli (a walking tour of Manege Square exploring the busts of the Italian architects who contributed to the architectural image of the city; duration: 45 minutes)
  6. Classical buildings of St Petersburg created by architect Giacomo Quarenghi (a two-hour bus tour)
  7. Carlo Rossi, the author of the Palace Square ensemble (a 40-minute walking tour)
  8. Italian art in the Hermitage art collection (a 90-minute walking tour)
  9. Ivan Turgenev in St Petersburg (a three-hour bus tour)
  10. Ivan Turgenev as a student of Imperial St Petersburg University (a walking tour of the Main Building of St Petersburg University with a visit to the University museum; duration: 1 hour 15 minutes)

You can register for the tours on the website of the International Cultural Forum.