Оn 10-12 November 2016 the international conference «Russian sociological community: history, contemporary state, and position in global science (100th Anniversary of Maksim M. Kovalevskiy Russian Sociological Society)» is going to take place at St.Petersburg state University.

Speakers for the plenary session:

  • Waltz, Frank - President of the European Sociological Association, Professor of the University of Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Osipov, G. V. – member of Russian Academy of Science, Director of the Institute of Socio-Political Studies, President of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences
  • Gorshkov, M. K. - member of Russian Academy of Science , Director of the Institute of Sociology,
  • Skvortsov, N. G. - Dean of theDepartment of Sociology of St. Petersburg State University, Chairman of the Maksim M. Kovalevskiy  Russian Sociological Society
  • Boronoyev, A. O. - Honorary Professor of St. Petersburg State University, Honorary President of the  Maksim M. Kovalevskiy  Russian Sociological Society


  • Maksim M. Kovalevskiy Russian Sociological Society -  the First Professional Association of  Sociologists in Russia
  • Russian Sociology in the Context of the World Social Science Progression
  • The Role of Professional Associations in the Institutionalization of Russian Sociology


  • Section 1: World’s and Russian Classics of Sociology in the Comparative Perspective
  • Section 2: The Images of Social Reality in Contemporary Sociological Theories
  • Section 3: Sociology in Addressing Social and Political Issues
  • Section 4: Economy and Society: the Traditions of Sociological Research
  • Section 5: Culture and Social Interaction in the Context of Globalization