St Petersburg University has welcomed the Attaché for Education, Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in the Russian Federation José Aurelio Llaneza Villanueva.

José Aurelio Llaneza Villanueva and SPbU discussed their collaboration. “SPbU has already collaborated with the official representatives of other countries. In 2015, SPbU signed a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, and just recently SPbU Rector has met General Consul of the Czech Republic  Karel Kunlom”, — said Deputy Rector for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin.

Today there are some imbalances we are encountering in relations between SPbU and Spain’s universities, said Sergei Andrushin: the number of those who study on exchange programmes in Spain is significantly higher than the number of those who come to study at SPbU. “The University aims to attract more students and lecturers from Spain”, —Deputy Rector said.

Insufficient information about Russia’s universities and SPbU in particular may be the reason, said Mr Villanueva. “For Spanish people, St Petersburg is obviously an attractive city rich in history and culture. Still few knows that the oldest Russia’s university is in St Petersburg and it offers excellent education”, — Mr Villanueva said.

The University held a brief meeting with the lecturers: Sergei Andrushin gave a comprehensive overview to Mr Villanueva about education in SPbU, key collaboration areas with the international partners and employers. They are planning to hold a meeting with SPbU Rector and new Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in the Russian Federation Ignacio Ibaniese, who are newly appointed Ambassador from March.