A group of the students in linguistics and literature from the University of Padua has successfully passed the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) and received their test report forms from St Petersburg University.

The Linguistic Centre of the University of Padua, a partner of SPbU, is a Centre for Certification of linguistic competences in Russian language authorized by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation. Not only English tests can the Centre provide today, but also tests in Russian, which has been less widespread and less popular in language teaching so far, says the Director Carolina Klark. “The recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the students learning Russian at our university, and now language education should met all the standardization requirements”, — said Professor of Russian Language Claudia Criviller at the University of Padua.

The awareness of language learning in society, especially among the university students, is constantly increasing: each year the University of Padua produces more and more students acquiring language test certificates, and Russian is not an exception now. The first students receiving the certificates from St Petersburg University are Nicole Facho, student in Linguistics and Cultural Studies, Eleonora Rozano and Enriko Tibo, graduate students in Languages and literatures of Europe and America. Let us remind that St Petersburg University, along with MSU and Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, is among five universities in Russia authorized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation to hold the test of Russian as a foreign language.

St Petersburg University provides opportunities to develop your Russian language skills to a high level. The additional educational programme “Russian language as a foreign language” comprises several modules and is suitable for anyone: from beginners to professional users. Each year over a thousand of students learn at the Centre from 65 countries, including China, Korea, Japan, Italy, and USA.