SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev suggested inviting North Korea in Russia-Korea dialogue. The first trilateral event will take place in St Petersburg in autumn 2017.

SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev met Seoul’s Governor Pak Von Sunom discussed the idea during the official visit to St Petersburg University.

“A trilateral agreement with a partner from South Korea and North Korean university may relieve tension. In this respect, I can negotiate with the North Korean university”, — said Nikolay Kropachev.

In autumn, SPbU will hold a conference on the 120th anniversary of the Korean studies at SPbU, and North Korean universities are invited to visit the event.

The scientific event can serve as a platform for an open dialogue between the academic communities of the three countries, says the Rector.

Seoul’s Governor Pak Von Sun eagerly accepted the idea and said that it was “brilliant”.

During the official visit, Seoul’d Governor met with Moscow’s Governor Sergei Sobianin, St Petersburg’s Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev, and Art Director of the Mariinsky Theatre, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at SPbU Valery Gergiev. Also, Pak Von Sun read an open lecture on Russia-Korea relations.