SPbU’s Vice-Rector for Research Sergei Aplonov has met with a delegation of the Carnot (France) to discuss collaboration and successfully reached a preliminary agreement.

Carnot told about the way how they work. The main concern, according to the head of the department of international relations at Mines-Telecom (IMT) Pierre Simay, is innovations in education and research. Apart from the innovations, they also focus on healthcare and increasing quality of life. Research projects are implemented with the large companies, as Siemens, Nokia and others, said Pierre Simay.

“We also collaborate with Siemens, Nokia, and oil companies, but the main problem we encounter is they are sub-companies in Russia, not central-office companies as in EU. So, direct collaboration is extremely important for the University”, — said Sergei Aplonov.

They also discussed how to educate and prepare students. They agreed that professional education should be life-long, and the main concern in this respect is to create such educational opportunities.

They also reached a preliminary agreement on collaboration between St Petersburg University and Carnot, which will ensure more close cooperation in academic exchange and research.

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Carnot is a leading national interdisciplinary network of research institutions in France which aims to foster economy through implementing technologies and innovations. It primarily focuses on partner relationships between the research institutes and companies to meet the demands on innovations, intensification and increasing competitiveness. Today, it unites 38 research institutions in France.